Jan 6, 2009

Macworld 2009: iWork '09 Includes iWork.com, Costs $79 + Subscription

I've recently taken a trip into Appleland and have to say I'm liking it. This is something I'm going to explore (although it'll cost me some):

The suite is clearly intended to take on Microsoft SharePoint and Google Docs, but approaches online document management somewhat differently. Rather than editing and organizing documents only through a web interface, Apple has integrated the online aspect into the familiar native iLife apps as well.

You mean like the Office integration with SharePoint? This is very similar to Microsoft's Live Mesh solution.

Interesting new trend times. Leveraging cloud-based syncing services for collaboration. It all sounds so familiar. Like a sort of Notes back-to-the-future world where data replication was the goodness to combat network bottlenecks and analog modems. Now it's used to keep all our devices current (and us informed) as we move through the different modalities of the day. Great for info junkies.

Macworld 2009: iWork '09 Includes iWork.com, Costs $79 + Subscription:

In related news: IBM Lotus announced the release of Notes 8.5 with a full Mac client and the (still free) Symphony editors. Hopefully Apple's announcement hasn't cast too much of a shadow on IBM's collaboration and productivity editors come to the Mac picnic.

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