Dec 19, 2008

NetFlix: Netflix Watch Instantly For Mac Now Available For All Subscribers

Missed this one in my more-than-usual frenetic end-of-year schedule:

Netflix's Silverlight-based Watch Instantly feature for Macs is out of beta, and activated for all subscribers.

Drat, I could have used it on my last trip! It's coming along with me and my MacBookPro next time. Ok Netflix keep working on that catalog.

Giz Explains: Everything You Wanted to Know About DRM

Gizmodo does a fine job of explaining the difference between copy protection and DRM. Plus you get a handy guide to DRM for all media types.

Digital rights management is copy protection's sniveling, more invasive cousin—it isn't designed simply to make it harder to steal content like straightforward copy protection—you thieving bastard you—but to control exactly how and when you use media.

Like my friend Volker says, "Repeat after me, DRM is bad for the customer."