Jan 4, 2007


My colleague Mike Gotta was tooling around with Google Co-Op and created a handy Analyst blog search engine...

Google Co-op continues to intrigue me. I had previously created a site where you could search a collection of Burton Group-related blogs and then I read that you could import an OPML file. So I went to Tektrati and downloaded their analyst directory in OPML format. I then defined a new search engine and uploaded that file.


Within seconds, the Serendipty search site was created. Imagine having the postings of analysts from multiple firms searchable within a single collection. Interesting possibilities... the power of OPML is also brought to light here. Another applications would have been to take my XML Feed subscriptions as well and create a customized search site whose collection mirrored my RSS or Atom feeds.

Source: Collaborative Thinking

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