Jan 4, 2007

RED HERRING | The Business of Technology

 Cisco buys IronPort...timely article

In the last seven months there have been at least six high-profile purchases of security startups. In August 2006, IBM acquired Internet Security Systems for $1.3 billion, along with two smaller security-related companies Vallent in November and Consul in December. EMC acquired RSA Security for $2.1 billion in July. BT acquired Counterpane in October for a reported $40 million. And now Cisco has gotten into the act with its $830 million acquisition of IronPort.


It’s a sellers’ market that reflects the growing toll on corporate customers from spam, viruses, identity theft, and other security breach issues.

Interestingly, the buyers range from application platform, to content, storage, network, and communication vendors. Obviously a reflection of the diverse business content channels that we are working with today.

Source: RED HERRING | The Business of Technology

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