Feb 27, 2009

I broke up with my cell phone company and now they are stalking me!

I’ve decided that service providers are like co-dependant relationships. When you ask them for something, you know since you’ve been a very good customer for over 3 years, just a little something like upgrading to a smartphone (which will mean $50 more a month in data charges) and they tell you to take a hike. Cold. Yet, when I finally break up with them and move to a carrier that is half the price (with data) and has a phone I really like, I start getting letters every day begging me to come back, offering me the phone I wanted, promising to refund my termination fee, and discounted rates. And it’s not just cell phone carriers. I’m still getting one letter a week since I broke up with my satellite TV carrier last summer! Where’s the love? Or at least customer service?

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