Feb 18, 2009

Facebook Withdraws Changes in Data Use - NYTimes.com

Kudos to Facebook for reconsidering (albeit under huge pressure from it's users) it's TOS changes and and shame on them for trying to slip in significant licensing changes with little notification to it's users. As much fun as it is, I was ready to leave the social network had they not reconsidered.
After a wave of protests from its users, the Facebook social networking site said on Wednesday that it would withdraw changes to its so-called terms of service concerning the data supplied by the tens of millions of people who use it.
Hooray for he Consumerist for letting us all know what was under foot.

The blog post by Consumerist, part of the advocacy group Consumers Union, received more than 300,000 views. Users created Facebook groups to oppose the changes. To some of the thousands who commented online, the changes meant: “Facebook owns you.”
It's a sign of times and power of the social networking that brought such a rapid reaction and retraction. Great work by Facebook users who leveraged the social network to organize, make their case known, and announce their dissatisfaction to the Facebook management.

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