Jan 22, 2009

Network World: Notes Traveler iPhone Support

Good news for iPhone and Windows Mobile users who also use Notes Mail. John Fontana at Network World scooped this on Monday

IBM/Lotus for the first time will provide users of the iPhone -- and other mobile devices that support ActiveSync -- with real-time access to their e-mail, calendars and contacts.

...and now the Press Release is out.

In related news, which some might think this is old news (as old as two weeks ago), the recently released Notes/Domino 8.5 came with a revamped iNotes interface. If you haven't seen the new iNotes 8.5 interface, with it's Lite and Ultralite versions, you might want to take another look. iNotes provides near functional parity with the Notes 8.5 desktop mail client. A few things are missing and they still need to enhance their widget support (only the web-page widget is supported today) but the AJAX-based interface is modern, fast, and very clean. iNotes Ultralite is perfect for mobile devices and dovetails very nicely with this announcement for ActiveSync support. IBM also announced at Lotusphere 2009 that it was planning Samtime support on the iPhone as well (due later this year). Soon Mac users with iPhones can work with their Notes/Domino mail in the same comfort as BlackBerry users.

Lotus Notes/iPhone users to get their wish: real-time e-mail access

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