Oct 22, 2008

Gmail Canned Responses - If I've Said It Once... - NYTimes.com

Don't let the name deceive you, you can also use canned responses to compose new messages. It's pretty simple looking and it only fills in the body of the message (not the address or subject lines) but this utility can be handy when you need to create standard messages. I like to use stuff like this for creating messages that I send on a regular basis, like invoices to customers.

Gmail Canned Responses - If I've Said It Once... - NYTimes.com: "You got that email again. You know the one. The one you've answered a million times. And even though you don't have anything more you can add to your response - time after time after time - you dutifully craft the same exact email, each and every time. If only Gmail had some way to save a standard response to that question.

Now, it does. Enter Gmail Canned Responses, a new release from Google Labs that lets you save that response as a template. With Canned Responses, you can answer that annoying question with a few clicks of your mouse. And you can do some other interesting things, too."

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