Jun 17, 2008

How the iPhone sells Exchange in Notes/Domino shops

Sign of the times...

Having an Exchange server in the mix also opens up other possibilities, like further integration with our Cisco VoIP system, integration with some of our manufacturing equipment & systems and even prompted some discussion on evaluating SharePoint instead of Quickr (which we’re now doing).

Read the full blog post for the entire story of how the iPhone is introducing Exchange into a Notes/Domino shop. It's a stark reality check if you think e-mail is dead. Nothing is more disruptive than what's happening in this story and e-mail continues to drive major enterprise decisions. Lately, my friend Volker has had a lot to say on IBM Lotus' iPhone missed opportunity, especially in his June 11th post on mobile support in Notes/Domino. It could be the chink in the Notes armor that Microsoft has been waiting for. Who knew it would come from an Apple device?

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