Jan 16, 2008

While you're at Lotusphere 2008 ...

Come see Mike Gotta and me give a presentation on Enterprise 2.0: The Future of Enterprise Collaboration is Now! Full abstract below:

2008 is a pivotal year for communication, collaboration, and content management technologies. With both IBM and Microsoft making sweeping changes to their communication/collaboration product lines, and the (constructively) disruptive influence of blogs, wikis, and assorted types of "social software," the market is engaged in a renaissance that is changing the way information workers get business done. Enterprise 2.0 signifies the evolution of communication, collaboration, and content management technologies from self-contained applications to integrated interfaces that leverage Web 2.0 frameworks for back-end platform services and browser-based clients. This session includes an overview of the past, present, and likely future of enterprise collaboration, focusing on IBM's role in the broader market landscape. We'll lead you through communication, collaboration, and content management in an Enterprise 2.0 world and explain how you and your organization can prepare for next-generation collaboration concepts such as social software, interactive Web, contextual communication/collaboration, and unified communications.

The session (INV104) is taking place on Monday January 21st at 5 PM in Swan 7 - 10. It's part of the Futures and Innovations track. Carol Jones and Christopher Paul are doing a session in the same room before us, Introduction to Web 2.0: Trends in Collaboration, Innovation, and the Changing Workforce which will introduce many of the Web 2.0 concepts that we'll be talking about in our session. Upgrade to 2.0.

BTW: The Lotusphere 2008 Online site is a nice web-based resource for planning your Lotusphere experience. You'll need your attendee logon to get access. If you want a Notes-based experience check out Genii Software's 8th Annual Lotusphere Agenda Database for PDA Synching and Session Planning. You can replicate updates from Tranquility/TurtlePublic and there's a way to synch the info with your BlackBerry too!

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We should talk about this more while there, up for a podcast?