May 15, 2007

Data Center Strategies (DCS)

Burton Group has launched a new service, Data Center Strategies (DCS)! From the DCS blog:

The coverage areas for DCS are broken into four areas that we at Burton Group call “threads”.

  • Compute: The compute thread includes data center technologies such as: server architectures and blades, high-available clusters, processor technology, server operating systems, compute grids and high performance computing. Analyst Andrew Kutz will be your guide through the DCS “compute” thread.
  • Storage: The storage thread in an interesting one because it includes a wide range of topics from storage platforms and protocols to data management. Data management is the life-blood of IT. After all, “data” is the first word in “data center”. Keep a close eye here as Nik Simpson illuminates this strategic field.
  • Virtualization: Could there be a hotter topic than virtualization? A few years ago, server and storage virtualization was considered bleeding edge, worthy of lab projects and testing environments. Today, virtualization is a serious – if not the foremost -- consideration for almost every data center consolidation project. Chris Wolf is the man covering virtualization for DCS.
  • Operations and Management: Compute, storage and virtualization resources in the data center must be maintained, managed and placed into operational modes that create a flexible IT infrastructure for business. The O&M thread includes data center manageability, IT processes, power and cooling, outsourcing, co-lo, and operational modes such as disaster recovery that mold data center resources into IT operations. Richard and I are the primary analysts here but, all DCS analysts have some responsibility here.

Personally, I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a knowledgeable team. Go here to find out more:

Source: Data Center Strategies

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Drue Reeves said...


Thanks for picking up on the DCS blog here at Connecting Dots. The DCS team is very excited about the new service. We're proud to be a part of the Burton Group and to work with analysts like yourself.

The DCS team has lots of great content "in the pipeline" pertaining to the threads listed stay tuned!